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Fill last minute shifts with a touch of a button . Skip the queues and find temporary staff within seconds!


Every employer faces with its staff being sick on monthly basis. Our unique come & go concept will allow you to find additional staff within minutes!


Every good manager knows its business and part of the day when it gets super busy. Now you can easily find extra hand just for those hours. With us you manage your staff easily and efficiently.


Happens too often smaller businesses close early due to its staff leaving on holidays. Start posting shifts and never close your business again!


As a short-term staffing platform, we allow businesses to list shifts up to 5 days. Start listing your shifts now and grow your business



Introducing a world where you can book local jobs on a per-shift basis. No CV's or Interviews! Finding simple work should be as easy as booking a taxi. Start booking shifts now!


Working fixed hours and doing university duties at the same time can be stressful. Now easily match and manage your limited free time according to your needs. Book shifts on your time!


Ireland is a strong economic country with thousands of people coming in every month. Settling in and starting off has never been easier! (This only applies to people who already received their PPS number)


For all unemployed people who suddenly lost their job, particularly as we are still recovering from a Covid-19 period our platform will let you get back on your feet while you look for a new job opportunities.


This app is for everyone trying to earn some extra cash. Download the app and start booking shifts today.

Your Flexibility Is Our Highest Priority!

Your Flexibility Is Our Highest Priority!

  • Have complete control over your time - book shifts only when it suits you.     
  • Work on the go! Travel the country and book shifts in each city you visit through our map.
  • Work what you want, whenever you want it!
  • Never feel tied up to one place again. Welcome to a whole new world of job hopping!

The reason we are simple is the reason we are easy. You want to work, book it, you got it!
Our job categories revolve around simple work and anyone with hard working mindset can do it!
There is no reason to complicate it.

  • We are not an agency! 
  • Direct Employer - Worker Contact!

    Application is developed to be as simple to use as possible.

    2 Roles:
    Employer posts shifts according to its needs.
    Worker books shifts according to its needs.
    Worker can be employer at any time and vice-versa.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?


Once you have downloaded the app it won't take you longer than 2 minutes to create an account.
Straight away after downloading you are able to list shifts. In the Panel section you will have multiple options to describe your position, from Description, Key Responsibilities, Location, Payout and a whole lot more! Once you are happy with all the information click on the "LIST SHIFT" button. Congratulations, your shift is now live and visible to workers.

Soon your shift will start raising interest from the workers. Once a worker books your shift we will send you a notification. Head over to "MyShifts" screen where you can keep track of all your posted shifts. Each shift displays workers which applied for your position. From there within seconds you are able to check workers Profile, Accept/Decline or Directly message them via our messenger system.
NOTE- Only 2 workers can apply per 1 shift. After 2 workers book your shift it will no longer be active and is pending action: accept/decline

After the worker has been accepted you are all set for your upcoming shift. Use our messenger system to make sure everything was well explained to the worker prior to the shift has started.

Shift has ended and now its time to pay the worker. All of the workers on our platform are self-employed independent contractors which have provided a service as a non=employee. We only act as a connecting platform and we will leave it up to you to use whichever payment methods were earlier discussed between the parties.
24 hours after the shift has ended, application will lock for both employer and the worker until they rate each others performances. Ratings will then be posted on both parties profiles.

Build Up The Reputation With Our In-App Rating System!

Build Up The Reputation With Our In-App Rating System!

We will make sure exceptional workers stand out on our platform!

24 hours after the shift is completed, app will lock itself for both employer and worker until they rate each other's performances. Don't worry, it will only take few clicks!

After the rating stage is done, ratings will be posted on both parties profiles. Leaving future users in no doubt when engaging in work relations again.

Our unique concept could save days if not weeks to both employers and workers.

Taking into consideration that projects focus is on per-shift simple jobs only, there is no need for
CV's or Interviews. This is crucial in our goal to ensure you find staff/work within minutes. Once
the booking is made by the worker App will provide employer with direct messenger chat option
and workers profile insights. At any time employer is able to decline worker if something is not
as intended. We made sure that after each ended shift App locks itself until both worker and
employer rate each others performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I start booking shifts?

    You can start booking shifts by being self employed, independent contractor within minutes. All it takes is to download the app, its FREE! Once downloaded, don't forget to edit your profile!

  • Do I need to apply with a CV?

    No. Best thing about it is that your Profile inside the app will act as a CV! As you complete more shifts your will gain experience, build up the ratings and polish your Profile to perfection!

  • What do I need to start booking shifts?

    You need to have the right to work in Ireland, PPS number and at least be 18 years of age.

  • Is previous experience essential?

    Absolutely NOT! Whole concept stands behind keeping it simple for simple work! However it could increase your chances of being accepted, but it is NOT a requirement.

  • Who is independent contractor?

    All of the workers on our platform are independent contractors An independent contractor is a self-employed person contracted to perform work / provide services to another entity as a non employee.

  • How do I pay taxes as an independent contractor?

    As an independent contractor you are self employed and responsible to manage your own taxes personally. Create a ROS account at

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